- This is user participations at its best, claims Lise Kristiansen about GoTreatIT® Rheuma. Since 1978 she has been suffering from arthritis and is certain about that the software from DiaGraphIT® has created a whole new world for rheumatic patients.
- I have been involved in the development of GoTreatIT® since the beginning. My task was to evaluate the product from a user’s point of view, and I´m impressed. When using GoTreatIT® Rheuma, patients can track changes in their own health and well-being and they feel ownership of their own health. From the user's point of view, it is very positive, says Lise.

When she was diagnosed with rheumatism back in 1978, there were 64 beds in the rheumatology department in Kristiansand. Today there are none.
- The medication is so much better. Very few are disabled by rheumatism, the treatment is amazing. That’s why research is so important, that’s what moves science and development further.

When the software GoTreatIT® Rheuma was introduced to the Department of Rheumatology at Sørlandet Hospital HF, it brought new reality of technology for the patients. 
- Many of us hadn´t even seen a computer before, now suddenly a klick could show the status of the disease related to the medical treatment, which was very exciting.

The Rheumatology Department still uses the GoTreatIT® Rheuma software in treating their patients, and Lise requests extensive use of the software in more clinics, especially GoTreatIT® Mental Health in the treating psychiatric diagnosis.
- GoTreatIT® generates patient involvement and more clinics should apply this technology. Psychiatry is my passion, and I would love to see GoTreatIT® Mental Health being used to measure the quality of the interventions in psychiatry, concludes Lise, before starting her work as a volunteer in psychiatric care.



Lise Kristiansen

RA-pasient, Kristiansand, Norge

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