The I CAN study is a feasibility study with the aim to increase population based adherence to healthy lifestyle behaviors of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. I CAN offered individualized, comprehensive lifestyle interventions to patients starting chemotherapy with curative or palliative intent for all types of cancer at one oncology center in Kristiansand/Norway during January 2013-May 2014.


The intervention focused on optimization of diet, physical activity level, stress management, and smoking cessation through monthly individual sessions with a lifestyle coach. Over a 12-month period the participant’s lifestyle habits (diet, physical activity, sedentary time, subjective stress, stress management, smoking habits, and alternative treatments) and quality of life were assessed using different questionnaires. Responses were entered into electronic questionnaires, using the GoTreatIT® Cancer. Based on the score of the different questionnaires, GoTreatIT® Cancer automatically displayed the patients’ lifestyle scores. The lifestyle score ranges from 1 (“low degree of adherence”) to 5 (“high degree of adherence”). Further, GoTreatIT® Cancer immediately provided feedback to each participant regarding what was necessary to reach their personal goals, and the coach made practical suggestions as to how to increase adherence according to the participants’ individual preferences, barriers and abilities.


The cooperation with DiaGraphIT®, the developer of GoTreatIT® Cancer, has throughout the entire process been efficient and unproblematic. Through close collaboration they immediately understood our ideas and implemented them impeccably into the GoTreatIT® Cancer program. The clinical use of this program has given both the lifestyle coaches and the participants in the I CAN-study a great overview of the participants’ lifestyle habits over time and their quality of life accordingly, giving us the opportunity to give immediate individualized recommendations to each participant. Thus, GoTreatIT® Cancer has both facilitated the lifestyle coaching process and served as an efficient clinical tool providing high-quality scientific data.


Karianne Vassbakk Brovold

PhD-candidate, the I CAN-study, Department of Oncology, Southern Hospital Trust.

Photo: University of Agder/Annie Hagen Okalla

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