“I work as a nurse in rheumatology care in the outpatient clinic where I conduct my own patient consultations. To me, GoTreatIT® caters for a much more targeted way of working. I can rely on explicit outcome measures and use that as a solid foundation for the conversation I’m having with the patient. The system provides current status per patient, and I use that information actively when communicating with the patient. This often motivates the patients and gives them confidence in that what they are doing themselves, indeed has an effect. After having used the online patient self assessment questionnaires, many patients report a sense of finally being taken serious, as the current status information they provide, is direct, and not filtered through healthcare professionals. My experience is that it makes us all work more efficiently, and gives us better time to follow up on other patient needs or concerns.”



Hanne Vestaby

Nurse at Dep’t of Rheumatology at Sørlandet Sykehus HF in Kristiansand, Norway.

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